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Are You Concerned About Machines Taking Your Jobs?

One of the biggest and most interesting things to come out of the fiasco in Japan (related to contracting and lack of labor while getting ready for the Olympics) is that they have been trying to get around the issue by using machinery and modern technology in order to be able to do so. Since there are so many different types of machines out there, and there are other contexts which machinery has taken jobs from everyday people, it is of course important for us to ask if we are concerned about these same machines taking our jobs away – just as they did in my favourite Handmade Rings factory.

There are people on one side that say yes, as time goes on and more money and research go into the machinery that is built to do our jobs or make them easier, that they will start eliminating those people who are doing those sorts of jobs. Some of them are labor jobs, others are related to other industries. Basically, if it is something that can be programmed or automated, there is likely a machine that is able to do that job just as good or better than you. And if there isn’t one yet, there likely will be eventually.

Of course, there are people on the other side as well, especially in the construction and contracting industries. There are some jobs that require precision and they require correction from time to time, which means that people are not going to be able to be replaced. There are so many different things that could happen to someone that is trying to take care of one of these jobs, and a robot juts would not be able to make those corrections on a whim. The human brain needs to be able to analyze in order to do so effectively.

What do you think about the whole thing? Do you, as a contractor, worry that your job is going to go away over time because of the advancements are happening with technology on a regular basis? Or do you think that, because of some of the reasons that we’ve mentioned here, that it’s not really that big of a concern and we should be grateful that we have technologies which make our jobs safer and easier? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and discuss what could become of this whole topic in the future.