What Makes A Good Contractor?

There’s a lot that may get in the way of having a successful home remodeling project, but your choice of contractor is arguably the most significant. A good one isn’t always easy to find, which means you might have to commit some resources towards the search. Still, working with the wrong contractor carries a handful of risks, from delays and sub-par work to legal issues. Understanding what to look out for when evaluating your options can however help you separate the wheat from the chaff.


Evaluating a contractor’s level of service requires references from their past clients. Getting in touch with these individuals will give you a reliable opinion of the company’s expertise, trustworthiness and any other issues you might otherwise overlook. When interviewing different contractors, always ask them to produce referrals from homeowners they’ve previously worked with. If a company cannot give you at least 3 references, you have no other option besides eliminating them as a choice for your project.


A typical remodeling project involves lots of different tasks, which means your contractor will need reliable sub-contractors if the work is going to proceed smoothly. So don’t forget to ask each company to give you their list of usual subcontractors. Talking directly to these individuals, whether it’s the electrician or commercial painting company, is the best way to find out how reliable the contractor’s network is.


Although you cannot hire a contractor based on their personality alone, it would be wise to take it into consideration nonetheless. Keep in mind that you’ll be communicating with each other quite often, and this calls for hiring someone with whom you feel comfortable. So try to see how you’ll find a contractor whose personality matches with yours — this will greatly help in making your project a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Hiring a contractor for the remodeling of your house can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time doing so. In most cases, you will come across as many horror stories as the options you’ll be presented with. So put some time and effort into understanding the key traits you need to look for in any potential candidate – you’ll be glad you did so when your project turns out to be a fun, trouble-free experience.

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